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Shabir Momin

The world is advancing quicker than we know. Brands correspondence and deals approach are changing and now getting increasingly determined by information mined, prescient and AI based dynamic. Gut calls will at present be there however would be taking a secondary lounge. While the information driven market is developing exponentially, brands nowadays are not yet utilizing the information driven data to do prescient deal. The profound investigation can likewise be utilized for dynamic system to do right situating among its opposition. The information driven biological system will develop complex sooner rather than later coming about into the information blast. With this, brands utilize the information for better results whenever utilized deliberately through prescient investigation which assists with understanding the business experiences. The test which the brands face is that they don't know which information to gather and how to break down the gathered information. A great deal of brands is confronting a similar issue. It involves most extreme significance for any business endure first and afterward drive its development, subsequently it is important to fabricate the correct information science technique through gathering the correct information alongside the correct examination to manufacture the normal business biological system to get the best outcomes.Data mining may be a process employed by companies to show data into useful information. By using software to seem for patterns in large batches of knowledge , businesses can learn more about their customers to develop simpler marketing strategies, increase sales and reduce costs. Data mining depends on effective data collection, warehousing, and computer processing.Data mining involves exploring and analyzing large blocks of data to glean meaningful patterns and trends. It are often utilized in a spread of the way , like database marketing, credit risk management, fraud detection, spam Email filtering, or maybe to discern the sentiment or opinion of users.The data mining process breaks down into five steps. First, organizations collect data and load it into their data warehouses. Next, they store and manage the info , either on in-house servers or the cloud. Business analysts, management teams and knowledge technology professionals access the info and determine how they need to arrange it. Then, application software sorts the info supported the user's results, and eventually , the end-user presents the info in an easy-to-share format, like a graph or table. Data mining programs analyze relationships and patterns in data supported what users request. For example, a corporation can use data processing software to make classes of data . To illustrate, imagine a restaurant wants to use data processing to work out when it should offer certain specials. It looks at the knowledge it's collected and creates classes supported when customers visit and what they order. In other cases, data miners find clusters of data supported logical relationships or check out associations and sequential patterns to draw conclusions about trends in consumer behavior. Warehousing is an important aspect of data mining. Warehousing is when companies centralize their data into one database or program. With a knowledge warehouse, a corporation may bear segments of the info for specific users to research and use.


Shabir Momin became the youngest CTO and was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by TIE. He has had a successful track record in various technology and business positions at a CXO level for few years before he became an entrepreneur. He has sold few ventures in the past and his current ventures that he has founded and co-founded are ZengaTV, one of the leading OTT services in India, OneDigital Entertainment Largest, a Digital content company in India, OneAxcess.com. He is a successful entrepreneur and a professional with an excellent track record in technology innovation especially in the digital media and convergence technology. In the past, he has been the Head of Asia for a technology innovation company called Picsel Technologies (UK) and Sentac Inc. (USA). He has also been CEO Asia for I-Connect Inc., a US based MNC, an operation comprising more than 9000 employees working out of the Asia Pacific region.

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