Arsenic and Fluoride Problems of Groundwater in West Bengal and Available Technologies for Remediation

Arindam Haldar, Soumya kanta Ray

India is a subcontinent country with large amount of resources, though many places in India people uses Ground water as only source for drinking and domestic purpose. But ground water is not safe in most of the places. Arsenic and Fluoride can be taken care of major concern of ground water pollution in these days. Arsenic and fluoride contamination is found in many places in India and as well as in West Bengal also. There are lots of promising technology available for arsenic and fluoride removal but considering all the technologies it was found that using Electro-coagulation and activated alumina are convenient and suitable for removal. In West Bengal Baruipur is a place where both arsenic and fluoride is found. So adopting appropriate technology can remove both arsenic and fluoride at same time. Further experimental analysis need to be done for both the cases laboratory and field based.

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