QOS - Guaranteed Neighbour Selection & Distributed Packet Scheduling Algorithm by Using MANET Wireless Networks

Abhinav Kumar, Abhijeet Kumar, Dr. C. Nalini, K.G.S. Venkatesan

The number of Wifi capable mobile devices including laptops and handheld devices (e.g., smart phone and tablet PC) has been increasing rapidly. A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is consisting of a collection of wireless mobile nodes, which form a temporary network without relying on any existing infrastructure or centralized administration. The emergence and the envisioned future of real time and multimedia applications have stimulated the need of high Quality of Service (QoS) support in wireless and mobile networking environments. The QoS support reduces end-to-end transmission delay and enhances throughput to guarantee the seamless communication between mobile devices and wireless infrastructures. we propose a QoS-Oriented Distributed routing protocol (QOD) to enhance the QoS support capability of hybrid networks. Analytical and simulation results based on the random waypoint model and the real human mobility model show that QOD can provide high QoS performance in terms of overhead, transmission delay, mobility-resilience, and scalability.