Design and Implementation of Wireless Educational Meteorological Station (WEMS)

Sara M. Taha, Abuagla Babiker, Salaheldin Edam

This paper describes a design and implementation of wireless educational meteorological station (WEMS). The essential feature of this design is to be used as an easy, low cost, and movable data-acquisition system for the meteorological students. The (WEMS) station was constructed from transmitter/receiver units. These units composed from ATMEGA32 microcontroller, meteorological sensors, GSM modules, programming software, conditioning circuit and LABVIEW software as graphical user interface. The microcontroller used to scan different weather sensors to collect a meteorological data from different positions at height of two meters from sea level at open area. The collected data sent via GSM modules to the receiver unit. The recorded results of WEMS tested data was calibrated with Sudan Meteorological Authority (SMA). WEMS record results achieved acceptable accuracy when compared with the SMA station sensor's results.